Meditations for Ordinary Time

Introduction to Meditations for Ordinary Time

  1. Baptism of the Lord
  2. Two Standards
  3. Three Classes of Men
  4. Temptation
  5. Calling of Apostles
  6. Wedding at Cana
  7. Cleansing the Temple
  8. Sermon on the Mount
  9. Calming the Storm
  10. Walking on Water
  11. The Apostles were Sent to Preach
  12. Conversion of Mary Magdalene
  13. How Christ Fed the Five Thousand
  14. Transfiguration of Christ
  15. Resurrection of Lazarus
  16. Supper in Bethany
  17. Three Ways of Humility

Featured Image: Tribus Miraculis III – Baptism

Table of Contents


The seventeen meditations in this section will be used for the two times of year that we are in Ordinary Time. Most of the meditations for this section come from “Week Two” of The Spiritual Exercises.

First, upon the completion of the Christmas Season, begin with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which takes the place of the First Sunday in Ordinary Time. This period of Ordinary Time varies in length each year depending upon when Ash Wednesday begins. Therefore, you will only use a few of these meditations during this period of Ordinary Time prior to Lent.

The rest of the meditations in this section should be used after the Easter Season concludes with the celebration of the Solemnity of Pentecost. Thus, the rest of the meditations in this section will be used once Ordinary Time resumes. If you complete all of the meditations during the late summer or early fall during the later part of Ordinary Time, feel free to return to some of the meditations that struck you the most throughout the year.

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