Advent and Christmas Reflections

Advent and Christmas Reflections

For Advent 2023–See our Advent & Christmas Series Two!

Advent and Christmas Reflections is one of four books that makes up the Catholic Daily Reflections Series. As a devotional it is a great resource for daily meditation and prayer offering reflections on the Gospel of the day in a practical, faithful and down-to-earth way. It is formatted in such a way that it can be used for any liturgical year, offering reflections on every Gospel option, including Sunday Years A, B & C, every daily Mass option and all Feasts and Solemnities. Allow the Incarnation of Christ to transform your heart more fully this Advent and Christmas!  It is also available in paperback & eBook format!

Available in eBook and paperback!

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Table of Contents

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Advent – Week One

Advent – Week Two

Advent – Week Three
(Through December 16)

Advent – December 17–24

Christmas Octave

Christmas Season

Feasts and Solemnities

Paperback & eBook format

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