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My Catholic Life! Series

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A summary of Catholic moral teaching. It reveals the moral principles of our faith as well as a summary of all our Church’s moral teachings. It is a summary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church #1691-2557.


1) Who Am I?

    1. I Am an Imago Dei
    2. The Beatitudes
    3. The Effects of Freedom
    4. Making Moral Choices
    5. Good vs. good
    6. Passions, Feelings and Emotions
    7. Conscience
    8. Erroneous Conscience: Am I Guilty?
    9. Growth in Virtue and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    10. Four Human Virtues
    11. Three Theological Virtues:
    12. Sin: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    13. Gravity of Sin

2) The Law, Society, Grace and Salvation

    1. The Moral Law
    2. Who are We? Human Society
    3. The Trinity as the Basis of Society
    4. Common Good
    5. Justification
    6. Grace
    7. Merit
    8. Holiness
    9. From the Speculative to the Practical

3) Loving God

The First Commandment:

    1. Our High Calling of Love
    2. The Bottom Line of This Commandment
    3. Graven Images
    4. The Upper Upper Limit!
    5. Practical Applications

The Second Commandment:

    1. The Bottom Line: No Swearing Allowed
    2. The Upper Limit: God’s Name is Holy…and so is yours!
    3. Practical Applications

The Third Commandment:

    1. The Sabbath Day after the First Creation
    2. Worship in the New Covenant: The Eighth Day of Creation
    3. Rest in the New Covenant: The Eighth Day of Creation
    4. Duties of Society
    5. Practical Considerations

4) Loving Your Family

The Fourth Commandment:

    1. God’s Plan for Parents
    2. Being a Holy Child
    3. Family Life
    4. The Fourth Commandment and Society
    5. The Role of Civil Authorities
    6. A Summary of the Bottom Line and Upper Limit of the Fourth Commandment
    7. Practical Considerations

5) Murder, Anger, and Human Dignity

The Fifth Commandment:

    1. Bottom Line: Do Not Murder
    2. Human Dignity Must Be Respected
    3. When Killing is not Murder
    4. Other “Medical Ethics” Considerations
    5. Other “End of Life” Decisions
    6. The Upper Limit
    7. Practical Considerations

6) Chastity, Purity, Affection and Marital Love

The Sixth Commandment:

    1. We are Sexual Beings
    2. The Upper Limit: God’s Plan for Sexuality
    3. The Bottom Line: Abuses of Sexual Love
    4. Practical Considerations

The Ninth Commandment:

    1. Purity
    2. Other Considerations
    3. The Bottom Line and the Upper Limit

7) Stealing and Coveting

The Seventh Commandment:

    1. Is It Mine or Is It Yours?
    2. The Bottom Line
    3. The Dignity of the Human Person and the Economy
    4. Reaching Out to the Poor
    5. International Considerations

The Tenth Commandment:

    1. The Root of the Problem: He Who Has Money Never Has Money Enough
    2. Getting in Order!

8) The Truth Will Set You Free!

The Eighth Commandment:

    1. The Bottom Line: Offenses Against the Truth
    2. Do I Have A Right to Know?
    3. The Upper Limit: Art, Beauty and the Pursuit of Truth
    4. Practical Considerations
    5. Conclusion

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