Chronological Listing of Catholic Saints and Feasts

There are three ways to read the lives of the saints on this site. The first way is to follow the General Roman Calendar, reading the saint or feast for each day throughout the year. The second way is to use the alphabetical order index or search bar. The Third way is to read them in chronological order, moving from century to century to help you to understand each period within the Church to gain an overall view of how the Holy Spirit directed the Church in every age and culture.

Below is a listing of the saints and feasts of the liturgical in chronological order based on either the date of the event, the date of the death of the saint, or the date that the feast was added to the General Roman Calendar. For those who want to study the history of the Church and understand the unfolding of the Gospel mission as orchestrated by the Holy Spirit over time, using the dropdown menus below is recommended.

Chronological Listing of the Saints and Feasts:

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Introduction to Chronological Order

First Century BC

First Century

Second Century

Third Century

Fourth Century

Fifth Century

Sixth Century

Seventh Century

Eighth Century

Ninth Century

Tenth Century

Eleventh Century

Twelfth Century

Thirteenth Century

Fourteenth Century

Fifteenth Century

Sixteenth Century

Seventeenth Century

Eighteenth Century

Nineteenth Century

Twentieth Century and Beyond

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