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Note: The “Jerusalem Bible” is used in many parts of the world as the normal translation of the Mass.  This version is found on the “Universalis” link.  The “New American Bible” is used in the United States and is the translation found on the Vatican, USCCB and iBreviary sites. 

About the various Mass Reading options above:

  • Brand new website from the USCCB!  The Daily Readings from USCCB: NAB version with Psalm, is now mobile friendly and is secured with an SSL.
  • Daily Readings from provide the NAB with Psalms, however, the structure may differ slightly from the Lectionary.
  • Daily Readings from provide numerous language options for the daily readings.
  • Daily Readings from the Vatican: New American Bible (NAB) version, mobile friendly, no Psalm, secured site (SSL), opens in app
  • Daily Readings from Universalis: The Jerusalem Bible with Psalm, mobile friendly, secured site (SSL), opens in app
  • Daily Readings from iBreviary: NAB version with Psalm, mobile friendly, non-secure site, can’t be viewed in app

The daily Mass readings below are powered by Universalis. The translation is from the New Jerusalem Bible which is used in the liturgy in many countries and approved for use in the USA.

The Liturgy of the Hours below is powered by Universalis. The translation is from Universalis and is not the official translation.

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