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Our original Catholic Daily Reflections app has been very popular and continues to be available for now.  It has served well with over a quarter of a million downloads.  Unfortunately, the hosting company of our original app suddenly went out of business, leaving us in a difficult position.  As a result, our original app may not function in the future and we are no longer able to update it.

However, we are happy to report that we now have a new app entitled My Catholic Life!  This new app uses a brand new platform and host.  Though the functionality and interface are different than our original app, we hope you will like the new one even more!  Please give it a try.

Creating and maintaining an app is no small task, and we want to serve our users as best we can. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions through this form.  If you need assistance, just include your email in that form.

If you experience any difficulty installing the native app on any device, try our easy to install HTML5 web versions below.  This is the newest technology for easy app install on any device in that it uses your device browser.  Simply navigate to and then add that website icon to your homepage. Most devices will automatically ask you in you want to install and add to your home screen.
(new app in HTML5 version)

May God continue to bless you on your journey of personal conversion!

Technical Updates on New App

Thank you for the feedback you have offered to date.  Here are some of the changes we have made as a result, as well as some explanations to help you navigate the new app with ease:

  • Added a couple of “External” options.  Some users of the previous app liked how it opened up in their web browser so that they could use the full functionality of their device sharing options.  Some of that sharing functionality is limited when viewing content within the app.  Therefore, the external links we added offers this same functionality as our previous app.
  • Added a “chain icon” next to the social media icons that allow for users to copy the external URL of the page they’re viewing so that they can text or email the link to friends.
  • Added landscape view.
  • Added audio reading link to the USCCB readings.
  • Added iBreviary link.
  • Created an HTML5 version of the app for those wishing more functionality such as printing of posts.  Try that version by going to in your device browser. This is the newest technology for web-based apps and may be preferred by some users.
  • Added Kindle version on the Amazon app store. 
  • Some users have requested that the app be made available offline.  We regret to inform you that this is not possible. Some apps are able to function offline with a limited number of prayers and other embedded content, but the wealth of content our app offers and the kind of content (such as audio and video), as well as the daily updates of this content, makes it impossible to make it an “offline” app.
  • Some users have requested that the Gospel reflection be made available further in advance. This is now possible by visiting the Calendar of the Saints page: click here. When you click a day on the calendar, a pop-up window offers links to the readings for the day as well as a preview of the Gospel reflection.  This is especially helpful for priests and deacons preparing for next weeks homily.  Additionally, this calendar is powered by Google Calendar which means you can add our calendar to your own Google Calendar.  Just click the “+Google Calendar” icon on the lower right corner to optionally add the four liturgical color calendars by Google.
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