My Catholic Worship!

My Catholic Life! Series

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A summary of the life of grace found in prayer and the Sacraments.  So often the Sacraments can be seen as dry and empty rituals.  But they are, in reality, the greatest treasures we have!  They are God’s true presence among us!  This book is a summary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church #1066-1690 and #2558-2865.


  1. The Great Mysterium Fidei
  2. Liturgy 101
  3. Is the Liturgy Boring?
  4. Who Celebrates the Liturgy?
  5. How the Liturgy is Celebrated
  6. When Do We Celebrate?
  7. Where Do We Celebrate?
  8. Diversity vs. Unity
  1. Getting Personal!
  2. An Overview
  3. Three to Get In: Sacraments of Initiation
  4. Two to Heal: Sacraments of Healing
  5. Two for the Mission: Sacraments of Vocation
  1. Effects of Baptism
  2. Old Testament Prefigurations
  3. Giving Us This Sacrament
  4. Who Baptizes Whom?
  5. The Celebration of Baptism
  1. What Scripture Reveals
  2. Effects of Confirmation
  3. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  4. Receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation
  5. Signs and Symbols
  6. The Bottom Line is the Upper Limit

5.  The Most Holy Eucharist

  1. Essence Challenges our Five Senses
  2. The One Eternal Sacrifice
  3. The Divine Sacrament Made Present
  4. Transforming Communion
  5. The Mass Explained

6.  The Sacrament of Penance

  1. How I Prepare
  2. Understanding this Glorious Gift
  3. From Interior Repentance to the Grace of the Sacrament
  4. Individual Examination of Conscience – 7 Deadly Sins
  5. Individual Examination of Conscience – 10 Commandments
  6. How to Go to Confession
  7. Forgiveness is Not Enough…The Grace of Indulgences
  1. The Mission of Christ
  2. Entrusting the Mission
  3. The Degrees of Ordination
  4. Fulfilling Christ’s Mission through Ordination
  5. Some Practical Considerations
  1. God’s Design and Intention for Marriage
  2. The Effect of the Fall
  3. God’s Answer
  4. Christian Marriage in the New Covenant
  5. Matrimonial Consent
  6. A Sacrament or Not
  7. The Domestic Church

  1. Humility as the Foundation of Prayer
  2. Prayer in the Old Testament
  3. Prayer in the New Testament
  4. Basic Forms of Prayer
  5. The Holy Spirit Teaches Us to Pray
  6. Three Forms of Prayer
  7. Struggles with Prayer

11.  The Lord’s Prayer

  1. A Summary of the Whole Gospel
  2. The Foundation of Prayer
  3. The Seven Petitions
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