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Advent and Christmas Reflections
Updated for Advent 2021 with some additional reflections and more detailed Table of Contents

The Catholic Daily Reflections Series is a great resource for daily meditation and prayer.  Advent and Christmas Reflections is a daily devotional offering reflections on the Gospel of the day in a practical, faithful and down-to-earth way.  The eBook and paperback version are formatted in such a way that this book can be used year after year. Reflections are not specifically dated for Advent 2021 but cover every option for this and future liturgical years.

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Latest Gospel Reflections:

  • The Gratuitous Gift of Our Blessed Mother

    December 8, 2021 – Daily Gospel Reflection for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, December 8

  • God Never Gives Up on You

    December 7, 2021 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent  - Saint Ambrose, Bishop and Doctor—Memorial

  • Astonishment at the Mercy of God

    December 6, 2021 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Monday of the Second Week of Advent - Saint Nicholas, Bishop—Optional Memorial

  • Humility Prepares the Way for Christ

    Sunday, December 5, 2021 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Second Sunday of Advent (Year C)

  • The Gift of God 

    December 4, 2021 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Saturday of the First Week of Advent - Saint John Damascene, Priest, Religious and Doctor—Optional Memorial

  • I Want to See

    December 3, 2021 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Friday of the First Week of Advent - Saint Francis Xavier, Priest—Memorial

  • Listen, Understand, Act

    December 2, 2021 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Thursday of the First Week of Advent

  • Jesus Cares About the Details

    December 1, 2021 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Wednesday of the First Week of Advent

  • Preparation for Advent

    November 22, 2021 – Daily Gospel Reflection for the Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle

  • Faith in the Most Holy Eucharist

    November 29, 2021 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Monday of the First Week of Advent


Latest Divine Mercy Reflections:

  • Reflection 342: The Refreshment of the Passion

    Normally we do not put the words “passion” and “refreshment” together.  How could the Passion of Christ be refreshing?  It is only horrific and sorrowful from an earthly perspective.  The Lord suffered greatly and our blessed Mother suffered with Him with the most sorrowful...

  • Reflection 341: Adore the Lord My Soul

    If you have ever been to a wonder of nature, the moment you behold it is an awe-inspiring moment.  Looking at the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, or the Swiss Alps for the first time will take your breath away and leave you in a moment of adoration of God’s creation.  But...

  • Reflection 340: Being Tested

    It may not be immediately pleasant, but at times we greatly benefit from being tested.  The Lord permits this in a variety of ways.  Being tested is not a temptation; rather, it’s a way that the Lord allows us to endure a trial so as to invite us to more deeply submit to His holy Will.  When...

  • Reflection 339: The Pure Soul

    It may not be something you immediately conclude, but a soul who has a pure love of God is feared by many.  The “fear” that they have is a fear to oppose such a soul.  Those with malicious intent will not dare to attack such a person because they know it may backfire on them.  It’s impossible...

  • Reflection 338: Keeping a Secret

    One act of love we can offer another is our confidentiality.  We have all had experiences of people coming to us with a problem or confusion and they ask us to keep it to ourselves.  Can you keep this form of a sacred secret?  Confidentiality is a wonderful act of mercy to others.  If...

  • Reflection 337: Helping the Anxiety of Others

    In our lives it is almost certain that we will encounter people from time to time who are agitated, upset or worried.  They may obsess about this or that and their thinking may even be somewhat irrational.  What a graced opportunity this is for Mercy.  Anxiety...

  • Reflection 336: The Riches of the World…or God?

    It’s interesting how often we desire earthly possessions.  Even if you had every treasure in the world all to yourself, this could not fill the longing in your heart.  There is one thing and one thing alone that fills the void within you and that is the Lord and His holy Will.  Nothing else...

  • Reflection 335: Forever Forgiving 

    One of the hardest things to do in life is to pray for those who persecute you and to treat them with the utmost respect and compassion.  But what benefit is there in hating them or lashing out at them?  Doing this “harm” to them is far more damaging to your own soul than to theirs.  Forgive...

  • Reflection 334: Serving Souls

    One of the greatest blessings we have been given is the ability to serve others.  We serve them in many ways, especially in accord with our particular vocation.  But the greatest service we could ever render a person is to be a minister of the Mercy of God, leading them to the glories...

  • Reflection 333: Simplicity

    Life can appear to be complicated at times and so can we.  But the truth is that we need to cut through the complexities of life and realize that, from the perspective and Will of God, life is simple.  It’s simple in that all we need to do is say “Yes” to Him every day, surrendering all to Him and trusting...


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