The Interior Journey Toward God:

Reflections from Saint Teresa of Ávila


The Interior Journey Toward God: Reflections from Saint Teresa of Ávila attempts to take what many believe is Saint Teresa of Ávila’s greatest work, The Interior Castle, and break it down into successive lessons, reflections, and prayers. Each lesson is drawn from St. Teresa’s writings and seeks not only to explain each particular teaching concisely but also to help you, the reader, to apply the content to your own life.

This book can be used as a daily meditation book by which you can slowly ponder the teachings of Saint Teresa as she takes us through the various dwelling places of the soul. This book can also be used as a companion to the reading of Saint Teresa’s original spiritual masterpiece: TheInterior Castle.

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Table of Contents


Chapter One: The First Dwelling Places
Humility, humility, humility, and self-knowledge

Lesson One: An Image of the Soul

Lesson Two: The Beauty and Capacity of the Soul

Lesson Three: The Innermost Dwelling Place

Lesson Four: “Malodorous Worms”

Lesson Five: “Being” in the Castle

Lesson Six: The Gate of True Prayer

Lesson Seven: Entering the Door

Lesson Eight: The Effect of Mortal Sin

Lesson Nine: Self-Knowledge Acquired by Humility

Lesson Ten: False Humility From False Self-Knowledge

Lesson Eleven: Navigating the First Dwelling Places

Lesson Twelve: Blinded by the World

Lesson Thirteen: A Noiseless File

Chapter Two: The Second Dwelling Places
Gentle Perseverance in Prayer

Lesson Fourteen: Entering the Second Dwelling Places

Lesson Fifteen: Hearing the Lord Speak

Lesson Sixteen: Perseverance

Lesson Seventeen: Combating All the Powers of Hell

Lesson Eighteen: Spiritual Companions

Lesson Nineteen: Resolute Determination

Lesson Twenty: Good Out of Sin

Lesson Twenty-One: Prayer of Recollection

Chapter Three: The Third Dwelling Places
A Life Beautifully Ordered by Love

Lesson Twenty-Two: Fear of the Lord

Lesson Twenty-Three: Not Always a Saint

Lesson Twenty-Four: The Blessing of Human Weakness

Lesson Twenty-Five: Attainable by Many

Lesson Twenty-Six: Desire is Not Enough

Lesson Twenty-Seven: One Cause for Dryness in Prayer

Lesson Twenty-Eight: Consolations in Prayer

Lesson Twenty-Nine: Beyond Natural Prudence

Lesson Thirty: More Humility Needed

Lesson Thirty-One: Prompt Obedience

Lesson Thirty-Two: Inspired by Others

Chapter Four The Fourth Dwelling Places
An Amazing New World

Lesson Thirty-Three: Supernatural Prayer Begins

Lesson Thirty-Four: Sweetness in Devotion—Sensible Devotion

Lesson Thirty-Five: New and Infused Recollection

Lesson Thirty-Six: The Prayer of Quiet

Lesson Thirty-Seven: Signs of Love

Lesson Thirty-Eight: Battling the Imagination

Lesson Thirty-Nine: Understand Yourself

Lesson Forty: Five Ways to Obtain Humility

Lesson Forty-One: Continued Perseverance

Lesson Forty-Two: The devil’s “consolations”

Chapter Five The Fifth Dwelling Places
Entering the Paschal Mystery through the Prayer of Union

Lesson Forty-Three: Impossible to Depict

Lesson Forty-Four: The Prayer of Union

Lesson Forty-Five: At Least at the Portal

Lesson Forty-Six: A Delicious Death

Lesson Forty-Seven: The Work of Angels and demons

Lesson Forty-Eight: Transported to the Wine Cellar

Lesson Forty-Nine: The Silkworm

Lesson Fifty: Time to Fly

Lesson Fifty-One: An Agony of Love

Lesson Fifty-Two: The Divine Signet Ring

Lesson Fifty-Three: A Return to Sin

Lesson Fifty-Four: The “Short Cut” is Not Necessary

Lesson Fifty-Five: Spiritual Navel-Gazing

Lesson Fifty-Six: The Surest Sign

Lesson Fifty-Seven: Courtship Begins

Lesson Fifty-Eight:  The devil’s Final Attack

Chapter Six The Sixth Dwelling Places
The Time of Betrothal

Lesson Fifty-Nine: The “Bad” News First

Lesson Sixty: Delicate Piercings From the Inmost Depths

Lesson Sixty-One: Imaginary Locution

Lesson Sixty-Two: Imaginary Visions

Lesson Sixty-Three: Intellectual Visions

Lesson Sixty-Four: Trances, Ecstasies or Raptures

Lesson Sixty-Five: Excessive Tears

Lesson Sixty-Six: Do Not Abandon the Sacred Humanity

Lesson Sixty-Seven: A Profound Awareness of Sin

Lesson Sixty-Eight: The Dart of Love

Chapter Seven The Seventh Dwelling Place
Spiritual Marriage

Lesson Sixty-Nine: A Second Heaven

Lesson Seventy: The Presence Chamber

Lesson Seventy-One: God’s Presence Remains

Lesson Seventy-Two: Like Rain Falling Into a Stream

Lesson Seventy-Three: Self-Forgetfulness

Lesson Seventy-Four: Strong Desire for Suffering

Lesson Seventy-Five: Love of Enemies

Lesson Seventy-Six: Desire to Serve God

Lesson Seventy-Seven: Interior Impulse

Lesson Seventy-Eight: Fortitude by God’s “Departure”

Lesson Seventy-Nine: The Heaviest Crosses

Lesson Eighty: The Culmination of Good Works


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