Lessons from Saint Francis of Assisi

The Wisdom of God’s Beloved Servant

Saint Francis of Assisi is perhaps the most known and loved saint within the Catholic Church. Though many flock to him because of his portrayal as one who loved animals and nature, he became one of the greatest saints in the history of the world for one simple reason: he was a true servant of the Most High God.

The goal of this book, Lessons from Saint Francis of Assisi: The Wisdom of God’s Beloved Servant is to offer various stories from Saint Francis’s life in such a way that the reader can apply them to their own life. Saint Francis was unquestionably one of the greatest saints to ever live. The way he accomplished this greatness is worth studying and imitating.

As you read this book, know that it is best to read in a slow and prayerful way. It is best to take one lesson, reflection, and prayer at a time. Use the lesson for meditation and the reflection and prayer for personal application.

Though it is hard to imagine ourselves ever reaching the heights of sanctity achieved by Saint Francis, know that it is possible for us all. Saint Francis embraced the will of God with a radical abandonment and ongoing zeal. This resulted in him becoming one with Christ and doing great things for God and His Church in a very short period of time.

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Table of Contents


Chapter One—Before His Conversion

Lesson One—A Man Held in Benediction

Lesson Two—An Untamed Personality

Lesson Three—A Generous Spirit

Lesson Four—“Glory and Honor”

Lesson Five—Joy in Imprisonment

Lesson Six—The Effects of Battle, Illness, and Prison

Lesson Seven—The Lord or the World?

Chapter Two—Francis’s Conversion

Lesson Eight—Conversion Begins

Lesson Nine—Embracing the Lepers

Lesson Ten—Embracing the Poor

Lesson Eleven—His New Mission

Lesson Twelve—Attacks of the Devil

Chapter Three—The Final Foundation

Lesson Thirteen—Facing His Father

Lesson Fourteen—Francis Escapes

Lesson Fifteen—Renouncing His Family and Inheritance

Lesson Sixteen—Robbed and Rejected

Lesson Seventeen—A Miracle of Miracles

Lesson Eighteen—The Final Foundation

Chapter Four—The Friars are Born

Lesson Nineteen—The Discovery of Joy

Lesson Twenty—Preaching Peace with Power

Lesson Twenty-one—Francis’s First Followers

Lesson Twenty-two—The Golden Cross and the Ends of the Earth

Lesson Twenty-three—The First Rule is Approved

Lesson Twenty-four—The Providence of God

Chapter Five—Life as a Friar Minor

Lesson Twenty-five—A Chariot of Fire

Lesson Twenty-six—The Preaching of Francis and His Brothers

Lesson Twenty-seven—The Followers Grow

Lesson Twenty-eight—Taming Temptations of the Flesh

Lesson Twenty-nine—Humility and Obedience

Lesson Thirty—Lady Poverty

Lesson Thirty-one—All Creation Gives Praise to God

Lesson Thirty-two—Prayer

Lesson Thirty-three—Knowledge of the Word of God

Lesson Thirty-four—Prayer and Preaching

Lesson Thirty-five—A Desire for Martyrdom

Lesson Thirty-six—Perfect Joy

Chapter Six—Miracles and Legends

Lesson Thirty-seven—Radical Penance

Lesson Thirty-eight—Apparition of Saints Peter and Paul

Lesson Thirty-nine—An Apparition of Christ Himself

Lesson Forty—The Wolf of Gubbio

Lesson Forty-one—Healing of Leprosy, Body and Soul

Lesson Forty-two—The Conversion of Three Murderous Robbers

Lesson Forty-three—Saint Anthony of Padua

Lesson Forty-four—God’s Creatures and Creation Obey the Saint

Chapter Seven—The Final Years

Lesson Forty-five—Explosion of the Order

Lesson Forty-six—The Second Rule is Approved

Lesson Forty-seven—Greccio

Lesson Forty-eight—Stigmata

Lesson Forty-nine—Preparing for Death

Lesson Fifty—Falling Asleep in Christ

Lesson Fifty-one—Miracles after the Death of Francis

Lesson Fifty-two—Canonization

Available in eBook & paperback

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