We are all called to be saints!  This is what we are made for and this is the only way to happiness.  Life in Christ, a life lived according to the will of God, is the only way to live out our dignity and to experience the freedom we so long for.  This book helps to shed light on the glorious calling we have received to become saints.  A life of sin leads to death and despair, a life of grace and moral uprightness leads to happiness.  This is a simple truth that we must all discover and live.

In the first volume of this series, we looked at what we believe, especially as presented in the Creed we profess at Mass every Sunday.  The second volume of this series presented our life of prayer and worship, especially in the Sacraments.  The Sacraments were seen as real and personal ways of encountering the Living God and letting Him enter in and transform our lives.  This volume completes our reflections on our Catholic life by revealing how we are called to live.  It reveals the effect of coming to believe all that is contained in our Creed with a deep faith and surrendering to God through a life of prayer, worship and the Sacraments.  The effect of faith and worship is a life lived in Christ.  And a life lived in Christ is our life of morality.

Catholic morality is often seen in a negative way.  We often think morality is about “what I can’t do.”  It’s true that Christ’s teachings on the moral life limit us from engaging in actions contrary to His will and contrary to our dignity.  But morality is so much more than just a list of restrictions.  Morality is also about living in freedom!  It’s about living in the freedom that our Triune God has in store for us.  Conversely, sin is a slavery.  And when we give in to sin, especially serious and habitual sin, we lose our dignity and the freedom in which God wants us to live our lives.

Morality is also about embracing a life of virtue.  It’s all about what I’m called to do in a positive way.  And the “positive way” we are called to live is through a life of virtue.  Virtues are spiritual habits that strengthen us to live good and morally upright lives.  Just as sin can become a bad habit, so also virtue can become a good habit.  Therefore, this book will delve into some of the most important virtues we can embrace.

Lastly, morality is about living even beyond virtue.  It’s a calling to live in beatitude.  “Beatitude” is a supernatural way of living that only makes sense in Christ.  We need His wisdom and His grace to live holy lives embracing the Beatitudes He taught.

This book will be broken up into two main parts.  The first part will focus upon what we call the moral principles.  Learning about these moral principles will provide us with a sort of foundation to understand the particulars of a life lived in Christ.  We’ll learn about moral decision making, the moral law of God, grace, the conscience, sin, mercy, our connection to others and much more.

The second part of this book will carefully go through each of the Ten Commandments and present specific moral laws of God.  Some of these will be seen as “thou shall not…”  But we will also look at each of the commandments in the positive.  This means that each commandment will also be looked at in light of the ways we are called to happiness and fulfillment through the moral law of God.

Hopefully, this book will give you a greater understanding of the way God calls us to live as well as an understanding of why He does.  May the Holy Spirit be with you as you dive into My Catholic Morals!

Chapter 1 – Who Am I?

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