Teach Me To Sleep

Lighting flashing,
Water splashing,
How can you sleep?

Thunder roaring,
Torrents pouring,
Still not a peep.

Waves arising,
Tossed to and fro.

Care uncaring,
Hope despairing,
Where shall I go?

Tempest raging,
Fear engaging,
Pond’ring the deep.

Jumping, sinking,
Calling, thinking:
Was I asleep?

Heart awaking,
Hope partaking,
At your command.

Waters rending,
Love extending
Your saving hand.

Demons hushing,
Stillness rushing
Across the sea.

Wind obeying
Jesus saying:
“Have faith in me.”

Future sailing,
Courage failing,
In safety keep.

Storm winds gusting,
Mercy trusting,
Teach me to sleep.

– Fr. Timothy J. Draper

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