Q. The Church’s View on Masturbation

Q. What is the Church’s view on masturbation?

A. The following comes from Chapter 6 of the book My Catholic Morals!  It is recommended that for a full understanding of the Church’s teaching on sexuality, you read the entire chapter.  Both sins and blessings that are associated with the natural gift of sexuality must be understood within the context of God’s perfect plan for humanity.  However, this short excerpt will offer a concise answer to the question:

Masturbation:  Though masturbation is more common than many would like to admit, it is always a violation of [the Sixth] Commandment.  It’s important to state that upfront.  Masturbation is an abuse of the natural sexual desires.  Sex is made for marriage and only marriage. With that said, it’s only honest to point out that many struggle with it.  It’s a struggle most likely for two reasons.  First, because the sexual appetite is very powerful.  Second, because masturbation is a very easy way to try and satisfy that powerful desire.  It’s important to point out that masturbation is only a way to “try” to satisfy that desire.  Sure, many find a certain satisfaction in it since it causes many natural endorphins to be released and can cause a certain natural and physical satisfaction.  But it never has the ability of truly satisfying and satiating the natural desires.  Again, sex is made for marriage and only in marriage can it find its fulfillment.

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