This Day You Will Be With Me

At Your right side there I hung
On Your every word.
To Your jaws did cleave Your tongue,
Still Your voice I heard.

Pardon for them did You seek,
Sparing no excuse.
And Your humble heart so meek
Answered not abuse.

Whence I wondered: “What if I
Pardon, too, should seek?”
But recalling all my crimes
Stole my breath to speak.

Arms outstretched, You welcomed me
After all I’d done,
Mercifully questioning:
“Still from Me you run?

“Having suffered in your pain,
Shouldering your cross,
When your love I sought in vain,
Then I grieved your loss.

“What you have to offer Me
Now to make amends
Is today’s fidelity,
And we shall be friends.”

“Jesus, please remember me!”
From the depths I cry.
“This day you will be with Me
Nevermore to die.”

-Fr. Timothy J. Draper

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