Third Apparition

Format for Holy Hour

Scripture Reading: Matthew 28:8–10

Context: In Matthew’s version of this first recorded Resurrection appearance, it was not only Mary of Magdala but also the other two Marys who encountered our Lord in His resurrected state.

After being told by the angel that Jesus had risen as He said, they leave to tell the disciples what the angel said with both “fear and great joy.” What a wonderful combination of emotions! They had “fear” in that this was overwhelming and astonishing. But “great joy” led them to much excitement. So much so that they quickly departed to inform the disciples as the angel instructed.

Much to their surprise, Jesus met them on their way. Notice that they bodily fell down before Him, worshipping Him while they grasped His feet.

Jesus’ words to them should speak also to you every day of your life. “Do not be afraid” and “Go and tell…” This is an exhortation to have the deepest of faith in our Lord and to dedicate your life to the proclamation of the Gospel. It is especially those who, like these holy women, have unwavering faith and courage that our Lord sends on the mission of sharing the Gospel.

Reflection: Prayerfully ponder Matthew 28:8–10 using the methods of meditation and contemplation with which you have become familiar.

Featured Image:Jesus Appears to the Holy Women, Tissot

Introduction to the Meditations for the Easter Season

  1. Resurrection of Jesus and First Apparition
  2. Second Apparition
  3. Third Apparition
  4. Fourth Apparition
  5. Fifth Apparition
  6. Sixth Apparition
  7. Seventh Apparition
  8. Eighth Apparition
  9. Ninth Apparition
  10. Additional Apparitions
  11. Ascension of Jesus
  12. Contemplation to Attain Divine Love

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