Sixth Apparition

Format for Holy Hour

Scripture Reading: John 20:19–23

Context: All of the disciples were gathered together except for Thomas. This was by divine providence, as we will see in the next meditation.

Note that it was still Easter Sunday, the day of the Resurrection. And note that the disciples were gathered together in “fear.” They feared for their lives. They were afraid that the same fate that came upon Jesus would soon come upon them. Thus, it is in a context of fear that Jesus appears.

Jesus’ words and actions should be carefully meditated upon. “Peace be with you,” He said. And He showed them His sacred wounds. This was a moment when joy pierced the darkness of fear and lifted that heavy burden. The joy of seeing that even the deadly wounds Jesus endured could not overcome His mission.

As Jesus bestowed His peace upon them, He also imparted to them the Holy Spirit. And with that Gift, He gave them their mission to continue His work of forgiving sins. The Father had sent the Son into the world to bring salvation, and now Jesus was inviting His new Apostles, His first priests, to share in the sacramental act of forgiving sins in a real and personal way.

This meditation should especially focus upon the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It is truly by the power of God that sins are forgiven in that Sacrament.

Reflection: Prayerfully ponder John 20:19–23 using the methods of meditation and contemplation with which you have become familiar.

Featured Image:The Resurrected Christ Appearing to His Disciples, Luca Signorelli

Introduction to the Meditations for the Easter Season

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  2. Second Apparition
  3. Third Apparition
  4. Fourth Apparition
  5. Fifth Apparition
  6. Sixth Apparition
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  8. Eighth Apparition
  9. Ninth Apparition
  10. Additional Apparitions
  11. Ascension of Jesus
  12. Contemplation to Attain Divine Love

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