Ninth Apparition

Format for Holy Hour

Scripture Reading: Matthew 28:16–20

Context: This appearance is the final one in the Gospel of Matthew. It takes place on a mountain just as the Transfiguration and the Sermon on the Mount did.

The Lord does not just appear to them where they were; rather, it required they make a journey to see Him. They go in faith to the mountain and see our Lord.

The commission they are given is one that is given with authority. Jesus was given “all authority in heaven and on earth,” and He now uses that authority to give this sacred mission of evangelization to the disciples. Note also that they were to go to “all nations” and that this commission was to extend “to the close of the ages.” It is clear, therefore, that this commission was to be handed on to those who would follow in the footsteps of the disciples.

Saint Ignatius is highlighting here the mission of us all to evangelize. We do not seek holiness through this retreat solely for our own sake. We do so, in addition, for the good of others with whom we will share the Gospel.

In this meditation, see yourself on that mountain. Understand that this commission is given also to you. Ponder how well you fulfill that mission and consider how you might fulfill it more fully.

Reflection: Prayerfully ponder Matthew 28:16–20 using the methods of meditation and contemplation with which you have become familiar.

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Introduction to the Meditations for the Easter Season

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