Fifth Apparition

Format for Holy Hour

Scripture Reading: Luke 24:13–35

Context: It was still Easter Sunday, and two of the disciples were making the journey to Emmaus, which was a seven-mile walk from Jerusalem. They had much time to talk and process what had taken place. They may have recalled the glorious entry of Christ into Jerusalem just one week ago, His encounters with the chief priests and Pharisees during the week, His Last Supper, arrest, persecution, judgment, death and burial. And now they were discussing, in amazement, the news that some had claimed to have seen Jesus alive. The conversation was certainly a lively one as they journeyed.

It’s quite mysterious that these disciples’ eyes were kept from recognizing Jesus as they journeyed and as Jesus met them along the way to join their conversation. In His conversation with them, Jesus not only rebukes them for their lack of understanding, He also explains how this was foretold by Moses and the prophets of the Old Testament. This conversation tells us, in part, that the Scriptures must be studied, understood and believed. When one reads them in faith, one will see the deepest truths revealed—truths that the human mind alone cannot understand.

Ultimately, it is the gift of Holy Communion that opens their eyes. Ignatius specifically points out in his commentary on this passage that it was Communion that opened their minds to understand and to see the risen Christ Who was right there before them. Thus, this meditation should especially focus upon the true but hidden presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Reflection: Prayerfully ponder Luke 24:13–35 using the methods of meditation and contemplation with which you have become familiar.

Featured Image:Christ and Two Followers on the Road to Emmaus

Introduction to the Meditations for the Easter Season

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  2. Second Apparition
  3. Third Apparition
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  11. Ascension of Jesus
  12. Contemplation to Attain Divine Love

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