Birth of the Savior of the World

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Context: Central to the mystery of the birth of Christ are various lessons that, at first, seem to be in contradiction. The Savior came into this world in poverty so that we could become rich in His mercy. He came unwelcomed by the world with nowhere to lay but a manger so that we would welcome Him into our souls. He came unable to speak, even though He was the Eternal Word of God. He came in a silent and hidden way so that we would proclaim Him to all.

Saint Joseph and Blessed Mother Mary were given what seemed to be an impossible task. They were to bring forth into this world, in the form of an infant, the Eternal God, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. God, Who is infinitely transcendent and beyond this world, intimately entered time and space, becoming a humble, weak and dependent infant. God, in the Person of this infant, was nurtured by His earthly parents, caressed, fed, protected, cared for, taught, played with, adored and loved with beautiful human hearts.

The familiarity you have with this “Christmas story” may tempt you to lose sight of the incredible reality that took place. You may easily fail to see the eternal and glorious consequences that resulted from this most sacred night. Allow this time of prayer to speak to you and reveal to you, more deeply, the great and glorious mystery of the birth of God Incarnate, the Savior of the world. 

Scripture Reading: Luke 2:1–7

Reflection: Take time to use your imagination to be present to this glorious scene. Imagine the thoughts of Saint Joseph when he first realized he had to travel to Bethlehem with Mary, his betrothed. God had spoken to him in a dream about this child. This child was miraculously conceived. There was confusion surrounding her pregnancy. And now they were traveling by donkey as she was about to give birth. 

Prayerfully read and contemplate the assigned Scripture passage (Luke 2:1–7). Listen to the sounds of the town. Feel the cold. Sense the concern in Saint Joseph. Smell the animals. Consider the fact that the other residents and visitors in Bethlehem did not even know that God was being born in their town that night.

Introduction to Meditations for the Christmas Season

  1. Birth of the Savior of the World
  2. Humble Shepherds
  3. Presentation in the Temple
  4. Magi
  5. Flight into Egypt, Massacre of Holy Innocents
  6. Hidden Life, Finding in the Temple

Featured Image: Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre – Nativity

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