Jesus is Brought Before Caiaphas

Format for Holy Hour

Scripture Reading: Prayerfully read some or all of the following passages:

Matthew 26:57–68
Mark 14:53–72
John 18:24–27

Context: As Jesus is brought to the house of the high priest Caiaphas after being questioned by Annas, Peter continues to watch the commotion from a distance. When Peter is accused of being a disciple of Jesus, he denies it three times. John’s Gospel states the first denial was while Jesus was before Annas, but the Synoptic Gospels record the three denials while Jesus was before Caiaphas. What’s clear, however, is that Peter did deny Jesus three times as Jesus prophesied. 

As Jesus was interrogated by Caiaphas, many people came and gave false and contradictory testimony. It’s clear that many things Jesus had previously spoken about openly were now being twisted and taken out of context to use as evidence to condemn Him. Though Jesus remains silent at first, He eventually confirms to Caiaphas that He is the Christ, the Son of God and that He would soon take up His heavenly throne. On hearing this, Caiaphas tears his garments and condemns Jesus for blasphemy. Everyone else present begins to mock Jesus, spit at Him, hit Him and cry out for His death.

Reflection: Ponder the scene prayerfully using the following points if useful.

  • Imagine the scribes and elders gathering in the dark of the night at the house of the high priest Caiaphas. Consider their plotting, envy, anger, trickery and maliciousness.
  • See Jesus, bound, mistreated and mocked as He is transported and then is brought into the presence of these religious leaders.
  • Reflect on Peter looking on from a distance, denying Jesus once, twice, thrice. Imagine the horror he felt as the cock crowed and Jesus turned and looked at him. Imagine him going away and crying at what he had just done.
  • Read again the interrogation of Jesus by Caiaphas (Mark 14:61–64). Consider the self-righteousness of Caiaphas and the other religious leaders. Consider also Jesus’ confidence and His words of truth spoken, even though He knew it would lead to His torture and death.
  • Imagine the ridicule, spitting, slapping and mockery Jesus then endured. Ponder His prayer and interior disposition as He remained imprisoned all night.

Featured Image: Antonio della Corna – Christ Before Caiaphas

Introduction to Meditations for Lent

  1. Life Decisions and Resolutions
  2. Palm Sunday
  3. Leading up to Holy Thursday
  4. Last Supper
  5. Agony in the Garden
  6. Jesus is Arrested and Brought Before Annas
  7. Jesus is Brought Before Caiaphas
  8. Jesus is Brought Before Pilate
  9. Jesus is Brought Before Herod
  10. Second Trial by Pilate
  11. Jesus Carries His Cross and is Crucified
  12. Jesus Speaks From the Cross
  13. Jesus Dies on the Cross
  14. Jesus’ Body in the Arms of His Mother
  15. Jesus is Buried
  16. Holy Saturday

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