Jesus’ Body in the Arms of His Mother

Format for Holy Hour

Lesson: Scripture does not record the image of Jesus’ dead body being placed in the arms of His dear mother. But we can be certain that she was there and would have held Him in loving adoration. She would have helped to clean His wounds, wrap Him in burial cloths and assist in His transfer to the tomb. She would have been no other place.

At the end of the Fifteenth Century, Michelangelo sculpted the marble statue entitled Pietà, which is Italian for “pity.” This famous statue is one of the first works of art one sees today when entering Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. “Pity” is to be understood as a feeling of deep sympathy for the misfortune of another. Though our Blessed Mother held her Son with perfect strength, compassion and love, her heart was deeply wounded by that perfect love, and it should draw forth from you the most tender sympathy as you ponder the scene.

Reflection: In this short reflection, spend time pondering the scene. Call to mind the death of our Lord and then see His dead and abused body taken down and placed in the arms of His loving mother. Ponder the sacredness of this scene, striving, especially, to peer into the heart of perfect love of the Mother of God.

Featured Image: Theophile Lybaert – Jesus’ body is removed from the cross

Introduction to Meditations for Lent

  1. Life Decisions and Resolutions
  2. Palm Sunday
  3. Leading up to Holy Thursday
  4. Last Supper
  5. Agony in the Garden
  6. Jesus is Arrested and Brought Before Annas
  7. Jesus is Brought Before Caiaphas
  8. Jesus is Brought Before Pilate
  9. Jesus is Brought Before Herod
  10. Second Trial by Pilate
  11. Jesus Carries His Cross and is Crucified
  12. Jesus Speaks From the Cross
  13. Jesus Dies on the Cross
  14. Jesus’ Body in the Arms of His Mother
  15. Jesus is Buried
  16. Holy Saturday

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