Meditations for Lent

Introduction to Meditations for Lent

  1. Life Decisions and Resolutions
  2. Palm Sunday
  3. Leading up to Holy Thursday
  4. Last Supper
  5. Agony in the Garden
  6. Jesus is Arrested and Brought Before Annas
  7. Jesus is Brought Before Caiaphas
  8. Jesus is Brought Before Pilate
  9. Jesus is Brought Before Herod
  10. Second Trial by Pilate
  11. Jesus Carries His Cross and is Crucified
  12. Jesus Speaks From the Cross
  13. Jesus Dies on the Cross
  14. Jesus’ Body in the Arms of His Mother
  15. Jesus is Buried
  16. Holy Saturday

Featured Image: Christ Carrying the Cross – Titan

Table of Contents


The sixteen meditations and exercises in this section are based on “Week Three” of The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius. The goal of this period of sixteen reflections will be to reflect upon the events of Holy Week. Specifically, this period invites you to accompany our Lord in His passion and death so as to share more fully in His resurrection. This section of meditations is best started the week of Ash Wednesday and concluded on Holy Saturday.

This section begins with the meditation “Life Decisions and Resolution,” which is normally used at the completion of “Week Two” of The Spiritual Exercises. However, it is inserted here since Lent is perhaps the most ideal time of year to make such resolutions.

The meditations provided in this section will mostly focus upon the Scripture when the meditation is scriptural. Therefore, there will be an introduction to the Scripture so as to set the context, then Scripture passages will be provided for you to slowly, carefully and prayerfully meditate upon. Additionally, there will be bullet points provided to help guide your meditation if you find that useful. The goal, however, is not so much to study the passage. Rather, the goal is to prayerfully contemplate using the scriptural passage. So, do not hesitate to spend more time with the Scripture and less time with these reflections. The reflections that follow are only a guide to help your prayer.

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