The Need for a Savior

Format for Holy Hour

Close your eyes and try to imagine the Most Holy Trinity. (Silent Reflection)

What is the Trinity? Who is the Trinity? The Trinity is the perfect communion, or union, of three Divine Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three Persons have existed from all eternity and existed before they created the Universe. Imagine further that these Divine Persons create the Universe and the human race so that They can share Their life and love with Their creatures. However, upon creating these humans, Their love was rejected. What was the Trinity of Divine Persons to do?

The answer is simple yet profound. It is beyond comprehension. The Trinity did not give up on the human race; rather, one of these three Divine Persons chose to become one of us, to take on our fallen human nature and to dwell among us, experiencing all that we experience in this fallen world. The Trinity loved humanity so much that It chose to unite Its Divinity with humanity so that the human race can once again be invited to share Its life.

Quietly reflect upon this incredible mystery. First, reflect upon human beings rejecting the perfect love of the Trinity. (Silent Reflection)

Secondly, reflect upon the fact that this Most Holy Trinity of Divine Persons did not give up on the human race. As you reflect upon this reality, ponder especially the love within the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and their burning desire to be with us. (Silent Reflection)

Now that you reflected on this in general, reflect also upon it as it pertains to your life. The Eternal Godhead, Father Son and Holy Spirit, desired to be with you. Their love for you was so perfect and so deep that the Son chose to take on your very nature, that of a human, so that you could share in the life of the Trinity. Spend a few minutes pondering the immense love of the Trinity for you. (Silent Reflection)

Introduction to Meditations for Advent

  1. A New King
  2. Christ the King
  3. Total Surrender
  4. The Need for a Savior
  5. The Fiat of the Mother of God
  6. The Visitation of the Mother and the Son of God

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Featured Image: Antonio de Pereda y Salgado – The Holy Trinity

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