Christ the King

Format for Holy Hour

The new King reflected upon in the previous meditation is Christ Himself. He has taken control of the spirit of this world (satan) and has returned it to His sons and daughters. Will you follow? Are you a son or daughter? (Silent Reflection)

Try to see the kingdom in a personal way. The kingdom is your own soul. The “former ways” that need to change are the many habits of sin that you have acquired through life. For some, these habits are deeply ingrained into who they have become. Is that you? For some, these bad habits started many years ago with a poor choice that led them down a path of many other poor choices. For others, the changes that need to be made are less obvious but just as real.

As you embark on a renewed mission of following Christ the King, reflect on how willing you are to change. Are you open to seeing more clearly the mistakes you have made and are you willing to allow the new King of your life to set you back on the path that leads to your eternal joy? If so, do not expect this to be easy or without the need for change.

Imagine your soul as a kingdom where Christ has recently entered and taken control. Letting go and trusting this new Divine Governor requires a commitment to change at a depth that you may have never embraced before. (Silent Reflection)

Introduction to Meditations for Advent

  1. A New King
  2. Christ the King
  3. Total Surrender
  4. The Need for a Savior
  5. The Fiat of the Mother of God
  6. The Visitation of the Mother and the Son of God

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