Meditations for Advent

Introduction to Meditations for Advent

  1. A New King
  2. Christ the King
  3. Total Surrender
  4. The Need for a Savior
  5. The Fiat of the Mother of God
  6. The Visitation of the Mother and the Son of God

Featured Image: “The Annunciation” by Leonardo Da Vinci

Table of Contents


These six meditations will be used during the Advent Season each year. Advent always begins with a focus upon Christ as King. Then, midway through Advent, the focus turns to the events leading up to the birth of this King, Christ our Lord. By turning your eyes to the beginning of the life of Christ, you are invited to not only turn away from sin but also to turn to Christ. The one and only purpose of looking deeply at your sins in the Foundational Meditations is to turn away from them. And the one and only reason to turn away from sin is so that you can turn to Christ. He is your life and your hope. He is the reason you live. His will and His very Person must become the center and foundation of who you are. And this will only be possible if you come to know Him deeply, personally, intimately and with total abandon.

This series of meditations will follow the same structure for your holy hours and Weekly Examen as the Foundational Meditations, with a minor shift from the Seven Capital Sins and the Ten Commandments to the Imperfections of the Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. Gradually use this deeper examination, focusing upon one virtue at a time from week to week.


Notebook Exercises

If you have chosen to use a notebook/journal, upon the completion of each holy hour, spend time making notes on anything that struck you. Pay attention to those thoughts, because this is especially the way the Holy Spirit works. You are unique, and God wants to speak to you certain truths you personally need to know at the time. By making short notes about anything that especially stood out to you, you will be helped in the weeks to come as you return to these notes. It is especially useful to begin to look for patterns so that you can more easily discern what God is personally speaking to you.

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