God, the Goal, Purpose and End of Your Life

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Lesson: When God created the Universe, as well as the spiritual world, He made it with one goal in mind. All was created by Him and for Him. He is not only the source of all that is, He is also the end and goal. This means that the Creator designed you for one purpose: to turn to Him, love Him and be with Him in perfect union and harmony forever. You were designed for the love of God, and you will never find happiness with any other goal in life. You achieve this goal when you seek to wholeheartedly follow His perfect will for your life and, thus, give God the greatest glory possible.

What are your goals in life? Certainly there are many temporary goals you have which are part of God’s plan, such as obtaining a job, raising a family, or embracing your vocation as God reveals it. But every goal in life must have one ultimate end: the fulfillment of the will of God so as to give Him the greatest glory. And what is the ultimate will of God for your life? Perfect union with Him now and forever. You were made for Heaven, and God wants Heaven to begin now by your union with Him.

At times, it can be difficult to look beyond all the daily goals, immediate needs, and practical details of life. It can be difficult to see the big picture of life and to see all things working toward the eternal goal of Heaven. 

Reflection: Reflect upon the one and only purpose of your life. Do you believe that seeking, choosing and living the will of God is the one and only purpose of your life? Do you believe that any other goal or end of your life is a denial of who you are and who you were created to be? Do you seek to give God the greatest glory possible by more perfectly fulfilling His will? (Silent Reflection)

Now prayerfully make a deep interior resolution. As you sit in silence, allow the various ambitions in your life to be seen in the light of this ultimate end for which God created you. If you see that some of your goals do not have union with God and the glory of God as their end, then sit with that in silence and seek to surrender your own will over to God your Creator, Guide and Lord of life. (Silent Reflection)

Introduction to Foundational Meditations

  1. God, the Creator of All That Is
  2. God, the Intimate Guide for Your Life
  3. God, the Goal, Purpose and End of Your Life
  4. Sin of the Angels
  5. Sin of Adam and Eve
  6. The General Effects of Sin
  7. Introduction to Meditations Seven–Nine
  8. Personal Sin: In the Light of the Divine Sun
  9. Personal Sins of My Life
  10. Humiliation and Humility
  11. Death
  12. Judgment
  13. Hell

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