God, the Creator of All That Is

Format for Holy Hour

Lesson: As the Creator, God is not only the one who set all being into motion. He is much more than the one who designed the created world. He is not only an all-powerful being who brought forth creation by His will. He is much more.

As Creator, God has set forth a world that comes from His very Heart. He intimately knows every molecule of creation, keeps it all in motion and cares for every atom He created. God especially cares for the spiritual realities He created, which includes you.

There is not a single thought you have ever had or will have that God does not know. He knows you infinitely better than you know yourself. There is not an action, an intention, a feeling, hurt, confusion, sin or virtue that God is unaware of in your life. He knows you through and through and loves you as His precious child whom He created out of His abundant love for you.

If God ceased for one moment to remember you, you would cease to exist. You exist only because God continues to sustain your existence. You owe everything to God, for without Him you are nothing. This is an essential truth to understand and to freely embrace. You truly owe everything to God and are nothing without Him.

Reflection: Ponder these mysteries of life and creation. Ponder first the reality of all of creation, the stars, the universe, the Earth, the animals, plants, and all that is. Slowly think about every aspect of creation that came to be and exists because of the choice of our Almighty God. Imagine yourself being there in the beginning. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…” (Genesis 1:1, RSV-CE). Pause to imagine yourself there as God created all things with such love, care, wisdom, detail, order and beauty. (Silent Reflection)

Ponder also God as your Creator. He created not only your physical body but also your spiritual soul. Ponder His infinite knowledge of you and His intimate love for you. Try to gaze at Him creating you as a sort of outside observer. Notice His tender love for you as He formed you in your mother’s womb, gave you life, a soul, a body, breath. (Silent Reflection)

Introduction to Foundational Meditations

  1. God, the Creator of All That Is
  2. God, the Intimate Guide for Your Life
  3. God, the Goal, Purpose and End of Your Life
  4. Sin of the Angels
  5. Sin of Adam and Eve
  6. The General Effects of Sin
  7. Introduction to Meditations Seven–Nine
  8. Personal Sin: In the Light of the Divine Sun
  9. Personal Sins of My Life
  10. Humiliation and Humility
  11. Death
  12. Judgment
  13. Hell

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Featured Image: Creation of Adam, by Michelangelo

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