Short Examination of Conscience—Faith, Hope and Charity

After you have used the above examination several times and are familiar with the content, it will be easy to quickly glance at the headings of each point below for a daily examination. The bullet points are listed so as to offer a quick and easy way to use this examination of conscience every day.

Imperfections of Faith

  • What influences your thinking? 
  • Offer an act of faith each day. 
  • Seek daily increase in faith. 
  • Trust in God or yourself?
  • Faith must be expressed. 
  • Faith seeks understanding.

Imperfections of Hope

  • Discouragement
  • Act of hope 
  • Worries, anxieties, difficulties and troubles
  • Complaining 
  • Dwelling on your sin or the sins of others 
  • Object(s) of your hope.

Imperfections of Charity

  • Love of God—Thoughts
  • Love of God—Words 
  • Love of God—Actions 
  • Charity towards others—Thoughts 
  • Charity towards other—Words 
  • Charity towards others—Actions 
  • Loving God in struggles 
  • Anger, emotions, feelings 
  • General dispositions

Format for Holy Hours

Examination of Conscience: Seven Capital Sins

Examination of Conscience: Ten Commandments

Weekly Examen for Holy Hour

Examination of Conscience: Faith, Hope & Charity

Short Examination of Conscience: Faith, Hope & Charity

Daily Prayers

Morning Prayers

Afternoon Prayer

Daily General Examen at Night

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