Introduction to Part Three

This section provides a suggested outline for your weekly hour, three examinations of conscience, the weekly examen, and daily prayers for morning, afternoon and night. A brief summary of suggested use is as follows:

Format for Weekly Holy Hour: Though the meditations, examinations and prayers in this book can be used in a variety of ways, incorporating them into a weekly holy hour is ideal. For those who choose this approach, the recommended outline for a weekly holy hour that was explained in the Introduction is reprinted here for easy access. 

Examinations of Conscience: The first two examinations on the Seven Capital Sins and the Ten Commandments are especially recommended for use during the holy hour meditations of the “Foundational Meditations.” These two examinations should be thoroughly explored and reflected upon as a way of preparing for the recommended general confession that takes place at the completion of the “Foundational Meditations.”

The “Examination of Conscience: Faith, Hope and Charity” takes you much deeper into the imperfections and attachments within your soul that God wants to purge. Therefore, this examination is ideally used slowly and thoroughly throughout the rest of the Liturgical Year once the “Foundational Meditations” are complete. When using this examination, use only one or two points at a time and reflect upon each point in depth and for a sustained period of time, especially during the “Weekly Examen” during the holy hour. By carefully and slowly moving through this examination, you fill open your soul to the grace of God to help perfect even the smallest of sins.

Weekly Examen: This prayer is an adaptation of the “Daily General Examen” of Saint Ignatius’ five points and should be used during the weekly holy hour at the prescribed time. It is during this fifteen minute examen that you will also use the three examinations of conscience mentioned above.

Daily Prayers: There are numerous ways to pray. If you have chosen to use the meditations in Part Two of this book for a weekly holy hour, then the daily prayers in this section will complement and support those weekly holy hours and help you to daily return to the good fruit that was born from your holy hour meditations.

Format for Holy Hours

Examination of Conscience: Seven Capital Sins

Examination of Conscience: Ten Commandments

Weekly Examen for Holy Hour

Examination of Conscience: Faith, Hope & Charity

Short Examination of Conscience: Faith, Hope & Charity

Daily Prayers

Morning Prayers

Afternoon Prayer

Daily General Examen at Night

Probing the Depths – Full Table of Contents

Part One: Background of Saint Ignatius and Lessons From The Spiritual Exercises

Part Two: Ignatian Meditations Arranged According to the Liturgical Year

Part Three: Additional Prayer Materials for Use Throughout the Year

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