Format for Holy Hours

5 minutes—Begin by kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament in silence and calming your thoughts. Then meditate on the following preparatory prayer and continue your silence:

My precious and divine Lord, Jesus. I kneel before Your hidden majesty and adore Your sacred presence with my mind and heart. I believe You are here, present in this most Holy Sacrament.

As I begin this hour of prayer, I say “Yes” to all that You wish to do in my soul. Speak to me, console me, consume me, enlighten me. Remove all distractions from my wandering mind and help me to be attentive only to You, my God and my All.

10–15 minutes—Weekly Examen with Examination of Conscience

During the “Foundational Meditations,” use the examinations of conscience on the Seven Capital Sins and the Ten Commandments.

During the rest of the year, focus especially upon the details of the examination of conscience on faith, hope and charity, returning from time to time to the previous two examinations at your discretion.

5 minutes—Meditation on Suscipe Prayer

Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty,
my memory, my understanding,
and my entire will,
all I have and possess.

You have given all to me.
To you, Lord, I return it.

Everything is Yours; do with it what You will.
Give me only Your love and Your grace.
That’s enough for me.

— St. Ignatius of Loyola

25–30 minutes—Reflection on one to three meditations:

Foundational Meditations

Meditations for Advent

Meditations for the Christmas Season

Meditations for Ordinary Time

Meditations for Lent

Meditations for the Easter Season

5 minutes—Further reflection upon that which moved you most in the holy hour; make notes if using a journal

5 minutes—Interior silence, being present to God without thinking, reading or saying prayers

Format for Holy Hours

Examination of Conscience: Seven Capital Sins

Examination of Conscience: Ten Commandments

Weekly Examen for Holy Hour

Examination of Conscience: Faith, Hope & Charity

Short Examination of Conscience: Faith, Hope & Charity

Daily Prayers

Morning Prayers

Afternoon Prayer

Daily General Examen at Night

Probing the Depths – Full Table of Contents

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Part Two: Ignatian Meditations Arranged According to the Liturgical Year

Part Three: Additional Prayer Materials for Use Throughout the Year

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