Daily Prayers

In addition to the weekly holy hour, it is important to commit yourself to prayer and reflection each and every day without fail. Additionally, it’s important to allow the meditations and the good spiritual fruit they produce to build upon themselves from week to week. God wants to take you on a journey that enters deeper and deeper into His life of grace. The following daily prayers will help you stay on that journey, moving forward to where He is leading.

Another helpful way to allow God to lead you is to keep some form of notebook in which you briefly write down the spiritual insights you have received in your prayer. By keeping notes and referring back to these notes regularly, you will be able to address the concerns, overcome the sins and rejoice in the victories that have come forth from the Voice of God speaking to your heart. Those notes will be used each evening during your night prayer. If you prefer, you may do this simply by making mental notes rather than written ones.

Morning Prayer

Afternoon Prayers

Night Prayer with Daily Examen

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