Part One: Background of Saint Ignatius and Lessons From The Spiritual Exercises

Chapter One: The Life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Chapter Two: Overview of The Spiritual Exercises

Chapter Three: Mental Prayer

Chapter Four: Examining Your Conscience

Chapter Five: Discernment of Spirits—Part One

Chapter Six: Discernment of Spirits—Part Two

Chapter Seven: The Daily General Examen

Chapter Eight: Rules for the Distribution of Alms

Chapter Nine: Some Notes Concerning Scruples

Chapter Ten: Rules for Thinking with the Church

Chapter Eleven: Discerning the Will of God

Chapter Twelve: Three Additional Methods of Prayer

Probing the Depths – Full Table of Contents

Part One: Background of Saint Ignatius and Lessons From The Spiritual Exercises

Part Two: Ignatian Meditations Arranged According to the Liturgical Year

Part Three: Additional Prayer Materials for Use Throughout the Year

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