The days of your life
  are given to you to enjoy
  and use for strengthening your soul and others.
This purpose is given
  so you may prepare for what is to come.

Your actions should be directed
  upon the work I have for you.
Search for this meaning and direction.

It is evident,
  if you are aware of My guidance.

Many signs are given to you
  so that your mistakes are diminished.
Become aware of how to read these signs,
  as they are given for a purpose.

The days I give contain many opportunities
  to help with My work.
You look for the most obvious
  and do not find me.
This is because you cannot hear Me.
Listen closely and patiently,
  as I am with you.

I am always with you,
  but you are not always with Me.
Direct your efforts
  so you are with Me more often.
This will bring you
  wisdom, knowledge, joy, and peace.

Listen to My whispers,
  and you will know what I want from you.
Come to Me
  and bring others with you.

Enjoy the blessings that await you.

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