You search for the unknown
  but do not find it.
Look for Me
  and find what you seek.

What joy do you find
  in what you do?
What happiness do you find
  in what you have?
What peace results
  from these events and wishes.

Turn your desire to Me
  and find your peace.
Turn your hope to Me
  and find your future.
Turn to Me with your heart
  and see My wish for you.
Turn yourself to Me
  and find the joy that awaits you.

Set your fear aside
  and replace it with hope.
Clear your mind
  of what keeps you from coming to Me.
Place your burden into My hands,
  and I will take it from you.

Bring your doubts to Me,
  as they will blind you.
A blind man cannot see
  with his lack of faculty.
When this obstacle is removed,
  he may see.
When your blindness is removed,
  you may see.
What blinders do you have?

When you search for Me,
  what do you find?
Does your blindness cause false vision?
When you see My hand at work,
  what vision of Me do you have?

I AM what you search for.

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