Your difficulties will pass.
Your troubles will vanish.
Your confusion will diminish.
Your hope will grow.
Your heart will be filled with holiness,
  as you place your life into My hands.

Do not let fears prevent your surrender.
Do not let anxiousness distract you from Me.
Do not let selfishness mislead you.

I AM the goal you search for and desire.
I AM the force you crave and seek.
I AM the ending you wish for.

Let yourself go and surrender your life to Me.
Push aside what restricts and misguides you and join Me.
Let Me lift you into the zones of My lands.

My house awaits your entry.
My servants have prepared your room.
Your name has been listed with those from other times.
Your place with Me awaits you.

Let your expectations be lifted and trust in My Word,
  as you belong to My land.
Look forward to this event and live each day,
  knowing your place with Me awaits you.

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