Many times I allow you to suffer much pain.
Look at these experiences as a blessing.

Your suffering will vanish
  as you surrender your pain to Me.
These experiences are growth for you,
  so I may lead you into the next phase of My plan.

Do not look back at your suffering.
A wise man understands.
He knows My goodness and understands
  that all he endures strengthens him in My service.

Choose which direction you follow,
  but understand that My ways
  are not always easily understood by all.
Choose My way,
  and you will be blessed.
Fear has no favor for you to bear
  when you follow My ways.

Your pain gives praise to Me
  when you realize that you suffer for My purpose.
Feel strength grow within you
  as you choose My way.
Let this peace enter you, fill you, lift you,
  and overflow onto those who cross your path.

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