This time you have is a gift from Me.
Use it with great care,
  as it will end as I decide.
Use this gift to provide for others.
Help them enjoy their gifts,
  as I do for you.

May you seek your gifts from Me.
May you bring a wealth of happiness
  to those around you.
What greater giving can be found than this?

Bring peace to those with whom you come in contact.
Give joy and peace to them.
Bring life to those who suffer pain.
Help them pass over this time of suffering.

Be gentle with those who are angry with their situations.
Bring wisdom to them as they cross your path.
Let compassion show forth from your eyes
  and cross over into their pain.
Your strength will heal their pain.

I bring them to you for healing.
Let My strength pass over into them.
These people need My strength.
Let Me use you for this purpose.

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