Be helpful to each other,
  as this is the way you can be blessed.
Use the time you have with each other
  for My work.
Be open to the grace I have to give you
  through each other.
Recognize My blessings when they are given
  and enjoy the fruits of each occurrence.

When you listen
  to My messages, instructions, guidance, and desires,
  you are blessed by My grace.
This is what I want from you.

Do not fear the results of My grace,
  as it is beyond your understanding.

Trust in My actions,
  as they are for your peace, enjoyment, and direction.

I will bless you
  with many signs that will increase your faith,
  if you yield to My wish for you to be blessed.

You need only to submit your life to Me
  without restriction or qualification.

Do this each day,
  as it is your sacrifice for Me.

This gift of your self-giving
  will be rewarded in many ways.

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