Confusion will reside
  whenever you search for sources of acceptance
  other than Me.
Keep your focus upon Me,
  and all other things will be taken care of.

Direction is given
  to those who seek this from Me.
You leave Me and then return again.
My direction will also leave and return.

I want you to come to Me more often.
I know this is difficult,
  and you cannot always achieve this.
Strive for increasing the frequency
  of this closeness to Me.
Your confusion will pass
  as you accept Me more often.

What gain does a man have
  who has everything
  but does not know Me?
What direction will he take?

He will lose himself within his own selfish desires.
He will become confused, desperate,
  and continue a search for more of the same.
This man is lost,
  and his search will lead him to despair.

Let this man reach out for Me,
  and he will find his way.
He will know Me.

Let this man search for Me,
  and he will find Me.
Let this man find Me
  and what he is will be changed.

What gain does a man have
  who does not reach out for Me.
I am what he is missing.

Let him come to Me with his mind and heart.
I will give him all that he needs.
His search will end,
  and he will know Me.

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