Talking to Me is the way I can help you understand
  what you face in your lifetime.
It should be a peaceful time that is spent with me.

We need to know one another on an intimate level.
Do this by talking to Me and listening, seeing,
  and being aware of work I perform around you.

This is My way of showing you
  that I want you to be happy and joy filled.
Your prayer should be open and peace filled.
Spend time with Me so you can know Me deeply.

I will give you many signs and blessings
  to help you become more confident with your prayers.

Do not be afraid of placing your burdens with Me,
  as they are small in My eyes.

Increasingly, I will help you ask for more.
Tell Me you love Me and live this love for Me.
This can be done with those around you.

Do not become selfish or impatient
  with your time with Me,
  as this will not lead to My peace.

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