Your time belongs to you.
Share these moments with Me
  each time in prayer.
See Me in your prayers
  and feel My presence.
Let us draw nearer to one another.
Let us become known to one another.

Let this time with Me
  become your means to understand
  and begin to hear Me speak to you.
Listen to Me, as I am beside you.
Hear My words that I have for you,
  and you will know I am present.

Your time in prayer
  will let you understand what I have given you
  and what you can do with these gifts.
Listen to My guidance
  and do not fear that I will mislead you.
Search for My direction within your prayers,
  and you will find your answers.

Let Me touch
  and become known to you.
Let Me guide you
  when you cannot find a way to Me.
Give yourself up to
  and depend upon Me.
Bring your burdens to Me.
Give up your independence.
Do not hide from Me,
  as I am next to you.

Let Me become known.
End your search
  and find your treasure.
Become rich in Spirit.
Its wealth will cover you.

Ask for this,
  and you will be given it.
Seek this,
  and you will find its treasure.
Find its treasure,
  and you will know its Master.

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