When you are together with those you love,
  I am joyful.
Use this time to praise Me and one another.
I want each of you to be peaceful
  with those to whom you are closest.
This peace is beyond what you think of
  when you relate its condition
  to your human understanding and relationships.
My peace is beyond your perceptions, anticipations,
  and understandings.

The peace I give to you is whole, not half.
The peace I give to you is light, not dark.
The peace I give to you is mine, not yours.

Take what I give to you
  and let this gift be for those closest to you.
You need not understand why you are blessed.
Take My peace with you and use it for others.

My peace will change and strengthen you.
My peace will bring you close to Me.
Ask for this.

Do not be afraid
  of the change that can be seen in you.
Do not be afraid
  to share this peace with those whom you are with.
I want to use you for this purpose.

Let Me be within you.
Let your words be My words.
My words will flow from you to those who need to hear.
Let Me use you. Let Me bless you.

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