The days of your life on Earth
  are filled with joy, disappointment, hope,
  and the needs of others.

Use your time to show My grace
  to those with whom you spend your days.

Reach out to those
  who are in need of comfort.

Feed those
  who need to be instructed.

Give wisdom to those
  who need to grow in their awareness of Me.

Help those
  who need your assistance.

I will reward these efforts.

Many opportunities for this work
  are presented to you.

Do not be afraid of involvement,
  as I will be with you
  through any difficulties that occur.

Trust in My hand of guidance,
  as it will be over you.

I am with your efforts
  when you help My people grow.

My joy will enter you,
  and I will bless your efforts.

Dedicate the days of your life
  to working for My people.

I want to use you
  to help those who need
  encouragement, knowledge, wisdom, hope, and trust.

Let Me use you for this.

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