Reach out to those who need your help.
Do not think more of yourself
  than you do of others.

Become aware of who needs
  your care, understanding, and wisdom.
These gifts will be given to you
  as others need them.

Do not plan how you love one another,
  as I have given you this instruction in the Word.
Understand My Word
  and bring peace to others.

Look for the needs that you can fulfill
  with the talents and gifts I have given to you.
Use yourself in this way
  to glorify Me.

Care for those who need you;
  give them My peace as best you can.
I will help you do this
  for those whom I bring into your path.

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Ignatian Lessons and Meditations Arranged According to the Liturgical Year

Probing the Depths

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Probing the Depths is a three-part book that presents the spiritual wisdom and lessons set forth by Saint Ignatius in The Spiritual Exercises. The content is presented in such a way that you can incorporate it into your daily life.

Part One presents a brief introduction to the life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, an overview of The Spiritual Exercises, and an overview of ten lessons taught by Saint Ignatius in The Spiritual Exercises.

Part Two contains sixty-nine guided meditations on the topics Saint Ignatius recommends for his 30-day retreat. These meditations were written using the methods of meditation, contemplation and application of the senses that are taught by Saint Ignatius and are ideally used during a holy hour of adoration or in your quiet prayer time each day.

Part Three provides additional prayer material for use throughout the year.

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