See My hand in all things.
It is always within the events surrounding you.
Look for My hand of guidance
  that determines and directs
  the events of your daily life.

Look and see My hand in all things,
  as it is present even in the most unobvious ways.
My presence within these matters can be discovered,
  if you listen, look, see,
  and feel the grace of My presence.

Do not be afraid to experience this grace,
  as it is unlike all that you now have.

Be willing and trust,
  as I will not hurt you or cause you
  despair, grief, anger, disappointment, or fear.

I am gentle with those
  who look for My direction, help, and grace.

Be one of My disciples and friends;
  I want you to belong to Me.
Give of yourself,
  and I will bless you.

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