What messages do you receive,
  and how do you react to these demands?
A politician communicates his plan,
  searching for your loyalty.
A friend shares with you in search of your approval
  and advice.

My message to you is different than these.
It leads you, gives you comfort, and asks for change.
Is this not more important than the others you hear?
Is it not of a higher order?
Does it not ask and give more?

Many times this message is mixed
  with that of the social order.
This is good when achieved with wisdom from me.
Be aware of those who mix My word with the social word for their benefit.
Be aware of those who manipulate these differences for selfish gain.

A man who is pure in spirit
  has wisdom from Me
  and speaks My purpose.
Listen to his knowledge and guidance above others.
Learn to hear My words from those who seek no selfish gain for their own benefit.

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