Look to Me for your joy and peace;
  these fruits will result
  if you live My Word.
Many questions arise,
  and many answers are unknown to you.
These answers can become a part of your understanding
  if you listen to the wisdom I give you.
This wisdom will help you to understand
  the direction that has been outlined for you.
Seek this direction,
  and it will be given to you.

Do not be fearful of change,
  as this is for your growth and development.
Look upon change
  as a gift from Me
  that brings your vision closer to mine.
Look upon understanding
  as a gift from Me.

Share your inspirations and wisdom with others
  so they may grow
  and become more understanding of Me.

Look to Me for strength,
  as I give you this blessing
  as you require it.
Ask for My grace to strengthen you.
Your strength will be used
  to lead others to Me.
Look to Me for answers to your questions.
I will answer
  if you come to Me with your questions.

The time you spend for Me is your offering.
You should look for ways
  that bring My people closer to Me.
You need not create new ways;
  many situations are already present
  for you to assist with.

Look for what already exists
  and contribute to these needs.
These needs will be apparent to you
  if you are aware they exist.
Look for ways to help others
  become more aware of Me.
Many opportunities will be presented
  to those who wish to contribute to this work.

Look to Me for your needed strength and direction.
I will bless you with these gifts
  when the need arises.
Look to Me for understanding of the complications that you face each day,
  since you cannot always determine the true direction I would have you follow for each trial that you encounter.

Look for this grace,
  and it will be given.
Take this truth
  and share it with those who are
  confused, misled, unaware, and poor in spirit.

Many times I speak to you in My word
  and show you signs, direction, and inspiration.
These words and guidance are for you
  to learn more about Me
  and direct your time on Earth.
Be serious with the guidance I provide;
  pray for this help.

Ask Me to help and guide you.
I want to help you.
I want you to depend on this help.
Many times I give you help when you do not ask for it.
Many times you reject the help I give to you.

Look to Me for all things,
  as I will provide all that you need.
Do not judge My blessings from what appears to you
  as discouragement or punishment.
Many times these apparent misfortunes
  are the most fruitful blessings that I give you.
Ask and look to Me for these blessings.

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