While attending and presenting a religious couples’ weekend, I took some time to write a letter to my spouse. While writing that letter, I suddenly wrote the words “I can enter your life if you let me” in the notebook I was using. I was surprised and deeply shaken as soon as I wrote them, because I knew they were not a part of my letter to my spouse but were words that God was communicating directly to me. At the same time, I felt an overwhelming feeling of peacefulness as I had never experienced before.

When we returned home, I was able to continue writing reflections of a spiritual nature anytime I quieted myself, prayed, picked up a notebook, took pen in hand, and started to write. When I would write, it seemed that the words would flow out at about five times the speed I would usually write. I did not have to even think about what came out of my mind. The words just flowed out. At a later date, I clearly heard the words spoken to me: “You will write a book, and it will be read by many.”

The writings within this book are a result of these efforts for the next several years. I believe this is from God because when you encounter a deep sense of peacefulness, you just know it is bestowed from above and not of this world.  

I struggled with this gift for many years and still do. This gift was stamped within me, and I always knew it was present. It never left. It was permanent. During that time period, several friends typed these reflections from my original notebook text, but we could not determine how to publish the contents. I asked God to help and to show the way when the correct time would arrive. Thirty-seven years passed before a path to publishing became apparent. I am thankful for this, as it fulfills the instruction I received.  

My hope is that this book will be well received by many and that its inspirations will create many positive benefits. The best advice that I received over time was to judge it by the fruits it creates.

I know that this writing ability is a true gift from God that must be handled carefully and respectfully. Pride cannot enter and humility must prevail. The weakness to be aware of is putting yourself into it instead of listening to the depths of your heart. Someday, I pray that I am able to resume this writing being guided by the Holy Spirit. I leave this decision to the influence of the Spirit.


To my wife for providing the encouragement for me to publish these writings. To my son who provided a means of publishing this book and to all my family members. To a daughter in heaven who did her part in inspiring me. To a few friends who read these pages, edited them, and were inspired by these writings.  

To our Lord Jesus Christ who gifted me with the ability to listen to the words of the Spirit.

May these writings glorify the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

By Robert Raymund

“Robert Raymund” is the pen name chosen by this author—Robert being the author’s Confirmation name, and Raymund for the calling of Saint Raymund of Peñafort’s blessings upon this work.

At an early age of twenty, Saint Raymund was teaching philosophy. He earned degrees in civil and canon law by his early thirties. Saint Raymund’s abilities were of such high degree that kings, popes, and bishops all requested his service. Pope Gregory IX won his favor, and Saint Raymund of Peñafort made a lasting contribution to the Church by organizing a huge compendium of Church law, which served as a basic reference for canon lawyers until the twentieth century.

This author has prayed a daily novena to Saint Raymund for years, asking for special protection over life’s events.

Saint Raymund, teach and assist us this day with wisdom needed to confront all the challenges we face in this life. Provide us with your intercession. Be with us as we pass from this world to the heavenly kingdom awaiting us.

Copyright © 2019 by Robert Raymund. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to any church or institution to reprint for non-commercial purposes.

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