Your life on Earth is limited.
It was designed that way
  for you to realize
  and appreciate what is ahead of you.
Do not look back;
  only look forward
  to what awaits you.

You have made many mistakes with your actions.
If damage has occurred,
  repair the result of your mistake
  so you do not leave unnecessary injury behind you.

Look forward with anticipation of peace and joy.
This will lift you beyond your current status.
I will lead you to the joy I have for you,
  if you ask for this direction.

Do you think I will not help?
Do you think I cannot help?
Do you think you cannot ask for My help?
Ask and, on the correct occasions,
  it will be given to you.

Do not fear,
  as I will not hurt you.
Push aside your hesitations, fears, doubts,
  and any reason preventing you from seeking Me.

Seek Me with all of your desire,
  and you will be given all that you need
  for your joy and happiness
  during your lifetime on Earth.
This time can be a beginning of what is to come.
I want you to have this gift.

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