Reach out to those
  who need to be helped.
Help those who need your assistance,
  as you have gifts to share
  with those who have less.
Be willing and trust that I will help you with this work.

Many needs exist for you to help with.
Choose those areas
  that your talents seem to be directed toward.
Let Me work through you and with you
  as you share your gifts
  with those who need help.
Be generous with what you share with others.
Many times,
  I bring those who need to be helped
  to those who can give help.

Help those who are not as knowledgeable
  or who have need of wisdom.
Listen to their words
  and give them direction.
Do not fear that you will not be able to provide this,
  as I will help you to give what is needed.

Step toward those who await this help,
  and all that you need will be provided.
Do not fear that you may not have what is needed
  to provide this service
  to those who are in need.
I give to each what is needed
  to fulfill My plan.

I bless those who trust in Me.

Peace is given to those who help
  and those who receive help.
Do not search out those
  who need to be given inspiration.
They will become present to you
  when their needs are to be fulfilled.
Be willing to help when these needs
  are presented to you.

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